Terms and Conditions


All warranties must be registered with Electric Monkey Either In person or via Email 

In the event that your product requires repair or inspection under warranty, please note that it is the Buyers responsibility to have the item returned to Electric Monkey for repair or inspection. This requirement is essential to ensure efficient and accurate assessment of the issue and to provide appropriate solutions.

·         If you purchased the Scooter directly from Electric Monkey NZ, please contact Electric Monkey NZ by emailing full details to: electricmonkeynz@gmail.com

·         You must have the original proof of purchase receipt to make a warranty claim.

·         You may be asked for, and if so must provide, photographic evidence of the defect and/or to quote serial numbers from defective parts where visible.

·         You must allow an electricmonkeynz@gmail.com Representative to inspect the Scooter for the purpose of assessing your warranty claim.

·         If your warranty claim is accepted you will be issued with a warranty approval number. This number must be retained.

·         If your warranty claim is accepted, Electric Monkey NZ will, at its sole election, repair or replace at no charge the product or component that is proven to be defective, provided that the defective product or component is returned to Electric Monkey NZ.

.        Electric monkey will return the Item if covered under warranty at no cost to the buyer.

.        Electric Monkey does not warranty normal wear and tear items. These include but are not limited to - Flat Tyres (Puncture/Tyre/Tube) - Headset/Wheel Bearings - Marks and Scuffs - Normal battery degradation (est 15% per year)