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Evolve High Performance Bushing Kit

Evolve High Performance Bushing Kit

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Bushings are another great way to add personal flare to your board, and they also serve a big purpose for dialing in your ultimate ride feeling. Just like wheels, bushings are made of urethane. They have a huge impact on how your board feels to ride as well as the overall performance of the turn/carve.


The Evolve Performance Bushings Kit gives you everything you need to be able to dial in your perfect ride feeling. Also made in the USA from the highest quality urethane formula, there are 5 different hardness's ranging from 87a to 98a. Also added to the bushing kit is a full set of skate brand Riptide Pivot Cups. These Pivot cups are insane! They are made from Riptide's exclusive internally lubricated WFB urethane formula, which results in a lively yet responsive ride and as they are self lubricated, they are ninja quiet! The kit will allow for different options in how the board turns and carves. Whether you are looking for a super carvy feeling at slower speeds or maximum stability for top-end speed, this kit is ideal for those wanting to dial in their perfect ride or just to get the look you desire!



  • 1 x White 87a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Purple 90a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Yellow 92a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Blue 95a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Orange 98a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 4 x Riptide WFB Pivot Cups
  • 4 x King Pin Nuts
  • 4 x Bushing washers (Barrels and Cones)



  • Compatible with all Evolve boards.

*Stock boards come with 90a black bushings. The Performance Bushings are a reflex formula (better quality), meaning they have a higher rebound rate than our standard bushings, and they will feel softer.

*In each of our double kingpin trucks, there are 2 sets of bushings consisting of a top cone and barrel (so 4 sets per board).

Please Note - Safety & Use: We advise all of our customers to wear a helmet and gloves, and ride safely and considerately.  Additionally, Micro-Mobility / Personal Electric Vehicle laws in NZ are regularly changing - we advise everyone to stay abreast of them as many scooters are officially for off-road / private land use only. Please check the relevant laws for your intended use case. As all liability for use is borne by the owner and user of the product, we accept no liability for your use of any product purchased from us.

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