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Mearth RS 2023 Series

Mearth RS 2023 Series

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Every Mearth model is made with high-quality, locally-designed components – proudly Australian!

The Mearth RS series stands for Racing Sport because this is the brand’s ultimate long-range e-scooter, made for the competitive riders who want to run the world, literally and figuratively.

The Mearth RS Series carries 2 models, the classic RS and the RS Pro.

Initial development was early in July 2021 and launched later in September of the same year. Both are powerful and long-standing electric scooters, but each model has its own special distinction.

This year, the RS Series is launching its 2023 version with upgrades of the following:

  • - New red wheels for easy distinction/recognition
  • - New brushless motor 8x for more efficiency yet same power consumption
  • - New Connection pin design to link battery to e-scooter
  • - New Sinewave Controller for smoother, efficient power delivery More power output for farther distance

Perfect for your daily commute or your city riding!


Easy Folding Mechanism

The RS and the RS PRO share the same dimensions:

  • - Opened:1110*500*1230 MM
  • - Closed: 1110*500*540 MM
Therefore making it PORTABLE, equipped with an EASY FOLDING MECHANISM for your convenience.

Folded, the Mearth RS Series 2023 electric scooter is more compact, weighing about 23 kg even when the frame is built with the lightest and strongest metal, made of durable, tough magnesium alloy.

It can easily be carried around and conveniently stored.

It also only takes seconds to fold the Mearth RS Series 2023 electric scooters for the experienced riders. Tried and tested! It really is as simple as folding and snapping it down to the lock stem.

For the beginners, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Hot Swappable Batteries

– “the act of removing components from or plugging them into a system while the power remains switched on. This means that parts can be changed without shutting down or rebooting a system.”

The Mearth RS Series 2023 electric scooters get its magic from the behind-the-scenes features that happen within.

Both models carry hot-swappable Lithium-ion batteries with the same charging time of 8-9 hours however they have different capacities:

  • - 36V / 15.6 Ah for the RS and;
  • - 36V / 20.8 Ah for the RS Pro.

These batteries also come with six intelligent protection mechanisms:

  • Short-circuit
  • Over-current
  • Double-over-charge,
  • Double-over-discharge,
  • Temperature anomaly and
  • Under-voltage protection (automatic sleep)

  • 500W Brushless Motor

    The all-new RS 2023 Series boasts of 8% more efficiency yet same power consumption.

    Both RS and RS Pro models are powerful and long-standing, but the RS Pro can be differentiated by how far it can go which is 100 km compared to the 65 km of the classic RS.

    The Mearth RS Series 2023 was built to have power and endurance, capable to succeed over various terrains, complicated obstacles and even rough conditions


    10” Pneumatic Tyres

    The RS and RS Pro are both built with 10” pneumatic tires. They are also front and rear vacuum explosion-proof tires made of memory gel vacuum tires, capable of passing through most urban roads and deceleration belts easily.

    This heavy-duty e-scooter has proven itself to be wear-resistant against all odds, be it cement, uneven roads, mud, bricks and gravel road riding, all thanks to the highly resistant rubber it has. This also makes it non-slip, anti-skid and shock–absorbing, offering a comfortable ride that prevents leaks and damages to the tires.

    Reliable Disc Brakes

    Reliable electric scooters are only as reliable as its disc brake system that prevents accidents, made for added protection. Remember to ALWAYS wear your approved HELMET and SAFETY GEAR for maximum protection!

    Mearth has developed safe riding and efficient braking with a front and rear disc brake, anti-lock brake, rear foot brake and double hand grip brake.

    Best of all, Mearth’s electric scooters have passed industry standard testing, guaranteeing safety to the best of its efforts.


    The Mearth RS Series features a front-facing super bright LED headlight for maximum visibility, brightening the road ahead but still with the right balance of brightness for approaching drivers. Definitely, perfect for night riding.

    Please Note - Safety & Use: We advise all of our customers to wear a helmet and gloves, and ride safely and considerately.  Additionally, Micro-Mobility / Personal Electric Vehicle laws in NZ are regularly changing - we advise everyone to stay abreast of them as many scooters are officially for off-road / private land use only. Please check the relevant laws for your intended use case. As all liability for use is borne by the owner and user of the product, we accept no liability for your use of any product purchased from us.

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